Wednesday, 16 May 2012

So a war gamer has just taken the plunge and started his own blog,This is going to be a work in progress (a very slow work). I hope to share a hobby that has made me some good friends and been a lot of fun.It has opened my eyes to a lot of history both good and not so good. I have learned a lot of tricks of the trade so to speak and I would like to share these with any one interested. I would pretty much just like to add to a hobby that has given so much to me.Whilst taking my hobby to a new level.
Therefore I will be posting battle reports, mainly from world war 2. This is the period that I enjoy the most.Painting tips and tutorials and basing ideas.Basicly any thing that I think might be useful to other gamers.So I will be starting with a series of battle reports as I have gotten involved with Operation Sealion, a global campaign that is being run by W.W.P.D.  I think that it is a great idea and will do my best to help it. My first game will be Friday night the 18-05-12 were I will take plenty of photos and give I hope  an interesting account of the game. So stay posted and lets hope that this is the first posting of many more to come.

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