Saturday, 14 July 2012



My best mate and another good friend are embarking on a new endeavor, to re-fight the Battle of Britain day for day. Well as close as we can try. We will be using Bag the Hun as our rules and 1/600 scale Tumbling Dice aircraft.I've read the rules and realy like the card initiative method that makes it very random who will go next.Though first of all we need some where to play. The hotz mats are the best, but a little dear for us at the moment, something to save up for. So my friend and myself are building our own mats. Squirrel has already blazed a path by creating a hex map on some MDF sheets. So I am taking that to the next level. Painting terrain on the board first before tracing the hexs onto it.

I am old school so the size is 2'by 4' there will be two when finished
 First of all I started by spraying a matte varnish to seal the MDF other wise it will just drink the paint. When that had dried I started spraying a mix of buff, brown, and green patches on.Then with my air brush added hedges betweem the fields.

This is the first board I will post the second later.
 Now they are ready for the hexs.     

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  1. looks good....bastard ! You know your going to make me paint over my bare hexes on MDF and have to do the grid all over again :( You are sutch a wanker :P I better shoot your arse down wednesday night or I'm going to be mighty pissed ! lol